Having enough food is a daily challenge for me – I keep it in the moment and go day by day.

I have had times in my life when I didn’t have food. This has taught me to share when I do. People shared with me. I know how hard it is to get by and I want to lighten the load for others. Sharing food also creates connections with others and reduces the loneliness that comes with being poor.

I have treated my body badly all through my life, for many reasons. I am learning how to feed myself good food that actually nourishes me. This is a form of self-love that feels like a big change AND I feel so much better when I am eating well. I have learned how to shop and cook foods that are more healthy. I found a lot of good advice on the internet. Little things like a healthy meal can make a big difference.

My church has been a place for me to go when I am desperate. I also use the food bank when I have a place to cook. It is hard to be so needy and ask for help but it is harder to starve.

I joined a poverty advocacy group to fight for my rights. Every human being has a right to food and shelter. Advocacy makes me feel part of things and my experience allows me to talk about the wrongs of society that treats people unequally.