When I feel like my life has no meaning, I remember that I am afraid that I don’t matter. I check the reality of my fear and remember that I don’t need to do great big things to contribute to the world. I remind myself that I don’t have to understand my purpose in this world to recognize that I am here for a reason.

I meditate and reflect on my values. I talk to safe people. I trust. I get involved and engaged in activities with others that relate to my values.

Volunteer advocacy helps me feel that I am a meaningful being in a supportive role. This gives me and the person that I am supporting HOPE.

I live with radical gratitude and remind myself how much abundance is in my life.

I find things to feed my soul like music and nature.

I read inspirational writings to help put things in perspective.

I set the intention to be open so that I can be spiritual.

I connect to things outside of myself that are grounded and practical – like working with other people. This brings me outside of myself.

I do things that I like. I find gratitude in small things. I stop comparing myself to others. I help others – serve humanity. Remind myself that we are all connected.

I cry when I need to and then reach out to trusted friends to find meaning. I am able to re-frame my life as being meaningful when I appreciate that being alive is a gift that not everyone accepts.