I searched for my truth to redefine what love is. It has been important for me to recognize that my ideas about love are not always healthy and I need to find out for myself what healthy love is. I want to learn about love. Maybe we are always learning about love.

I connect with others at AA meetings. I know that I am not alone while I am there and I have support and fellowship. It is like coming home. They are safe people and it’s a safe space.

Expressing sincere and meaningful gratitude to others helped me to see good within myself. It is a simple idea, but it really works.

When I feel unloved I push myself to be around people who will smile and talk to me. This helps remind me that I don’t have to be alone.

I sometimes don’t feel loved. I feel sorry for myself. I notice that I don’t feel loveable. I reflect that the people I love aren’t perfect. That’s not why I love them. That helps me remember that my worth comes from being human and alive. Babies don’t have to earn love…neither do I.

I hear my mother who say “you can’t feel love unless you love yourself first”.

​I call someone who loves me.

I had to find a counsellor to help me work through my attachment to feeling unloved. It took a while and I had to try on a few before I found someone I felt I could talk with. This had to be a person who doesn’t make me feel like a ‘client’ that is a broken person. I didn’t give up on finding this counsellor who felt right to me and I am proud of myself for persisting.