Addiction Services of Thames Valley

We provide screening, assessment, treatment planning and addiction treatment services to persons who are concerned about substance use and/or internet, gaming disorder or problem gambling. We provide support, education and treatment for family members. 200 Queens Avenue, Suite 260, London. Phone: 519.673.3242

At^losha Native Family Healing Services

(519) 438-0068

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

London and Middlesex Crisis Service

(519) 433-2023
(519) 434-9191 (Main)

City of London - basic needs and supports

City of London, Social Services, Market Tower, 151 Dundas St, 2nd Floor, Northland Mall, 107-1275 Highbury Ave N·Ontario Works (OW): Income support for food, shelter, household and personal needs, along with help finding employment. Special allowances/ health benefits may be available as a supplement to the monthly cheque.519-661-4520, Option3

City of London - emergency & supplementary assistance

Discretionary Benefits: Special fund for social assistance recipients and low income Londoners to pay for necessary medical goods and related items (e.g., dentures, emergency dental, essential furniture, funerals and burials).

Market Tower,

151 Dundas St, 3rd Floor519-661-5910

N’amerind Friendship Centre (London)

The N’Amerind (London) Friendship Centre is a non-profit organization committed to the promotion of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being of Native people and in particular, Urban Native People. The commitment is realized through the implementation of culturally relevant programs aimed at social, recreational and educational needs, at developing leadership, at increasing awareness levels of native heritage, establishing resources for community development, and in promoting the development of urban aboriginal self-governing institutions. 519-672-0131

260 Colborne St

Regional HIV/AIDS Connection

Information about drug treatment and injection options, outreach and needle exchanges. 186 King St, Suite 30 1-866-920-1601