Service Coordination and Learning Network (SCLN)

Bringing survivors & service providers together to recognize their roles in supporting sexual abuse/violence victims.

Opening the Circle (OtC) brings together community members and service professionals with an understanding that the impact of sexual violence and abuse crosses into all parts of our lives, organizations and communities. We are learning to work together to develop practical and innovation solutions that can support people who reach out. We believe that it is our lived experience that can help us achieve our goals.

Our SCLN goal is to create a network of relationships that can strengthen our community response to survivors, friends and family members. Local service agency leaders participate as partners and allies. As a group, we understand that many professionals have themselves experienced sexual violence or abuse, either directly or indirectly. People who work on the frontlines of service organizations can experience vicarious trauma. It is an issue that affects us all. In this way, creates the level ground for us to work together. We are deliberate in wanting to challenge false divides that separate people into ‘us and them’ categories – people who are broken and people who are not. Opening the Circle is an ever growing effort to engage anyone who has been impacted by life – this means all of us.

The OtC Service Coordination and Learning Network operates locally and has created a web platform so that other interested communities can join us:

  • Local: The physical location of OtC is London and Middlesex County in Ontario. The services and supports listed on our website are particular to our locale. We are creating a local network of services and supports so that people impacted by sexual violence/abuse can find the best possible support in a community that is responsive to unique needs and lives. It’s a big vision.
  • Community-based: Opening the Circle can grow to include you and your community. Your comments and input are welcome. As well, we have built the website so that your local services and supports can be added to the website. You don’t have to build a whole new site. We will charge a 'joining fee' that will help us sustain the project. If you like what we are creating and want to join us – contact us.